Homework – Diary entry in 2090

Dear diary,

I´m writing the first time to your at the moment…well im writing to you because I must somebody tell about this crazy electronic implanted chips on human beings! With that stuff you can click on your left arm with one of your fingers and a board will be summoned in front of you. Now it is like a giant touch Computer – without a fixed desktop – and you can not just open internet pages and other things, no you are able to check the health of your buddy by this chip so you dont need doctors anymore! 

Some year ago we just had smartphones but now we got this amazing chips under our skins. It is just awesome.

Well the reason why im telling you all the stuff and not my buddies is that this chip is still in progress. My friends and me wanted to try them out and tell the firm, where this chip comes from, what they can do better, etc. . But eahm all my friends died because of this chip so far, I am the last surviver with this chip but I think this kind of implants are still amazing also if I die next time. 



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