How does Facebook make money?

The article “How does facebook make money?” was written and published by Arjun Kulkarni in 2013 at the website It deals with the income and development of Facebook and their users and their possibilities of activities.

Today, Facebook is worth about 13.3$. In comparison to 2012 it has grown approximately 38% and it is still not at the limit. The three biggest areas of income are:

Print and Web Advertising 55%
Mobile Advertising 30%
Other Payments and Fees15%

Print and Web Advertising:
– 55% of the earned money ($1.25 billion) came from web advertising
– people can post, like or share sites for making advertisment (for example some brands, entertainment pages, etc.)

Mobile Advertising:
– 30% of money Facebook gets is from the Mobile Advertising
– It has grown to more than 60%

Payments and Other Fees:
-15% revenue comes from other sources


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